SOG X42 AutoClip BG42 Blade-Any Comments?

Feb 19, 2000
Thought that this knife might be a good inexpensive way to try out BG-42. I am not a big Tanto fan for carry knives, but this one caught my eye. Does anyone have one of these and would you list some pro's and con's? Any other inexpensive knives out there with BG-42 that you would recommend? Thanks...Ed.
Are these X42 AutoClips on sale yet? I thought that they were going to be avaialble sometime in the fall of 2000. At least that's what one of the online merchants told me, but I have not yet seen them anywhere.

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Hi Caveman,

In hopes of not straying too far off topic, SOG put into production the full-sized X-42 AutoClip with straight blade early in December. Other models will be following over the next couple of months.

With the best of intentions, estimated production dates were set and published. We did not meet them. But I can promise you, these knives are worth the wait! And they will be coming!

If you have any other questions which might not fit in here, ask them in the SOG Forum and I'll answer them there.

Ron Andersen
Consumer Services Manager
SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.