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Dec 29, 1998
I have been looking at Sog SogWinders for a couple of weeks now. They appear to incredibly strong and heavy duty. I particularly like the blade design, however, they are quite pricey!
Any experience or input with either the SogWinder I or II would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - JohnMike
SOG is a good name, and I have been impresed with them many times. Though I don't buy their folders, my father does, and they last him forever. A SOG is a good choice.
I have both the I and II models.
Neither has been used much because they are so heavy and inconvenient (for me) to carry.
They are built like tanks and are very sharp out of the box. If you can handle the weight, they would be nice heavy duty folders.
Some people might find the pointy blade shape a bit restricting....maybe.
BTW....mine are several years old and I do not know if more recent models are identical or not.

Brian W E
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I have one of the Sogwinders, but I'm not sure which model -- ss bolster, no pommel, 6 7/8" overall, 2 3/4" blade (3/16" thick), 3 5/8" closed.

In any case, it's a very solid, well made piece; however, a bit heavy for my taste. Also, although the rubber scales provide a great hold, they tend to hang up in either nylon sheath or jeans pocket. When I carry mine it's generally in a jacket pocket.

Hope this helps.


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Hi JohnMike I think you should look at the Sog 30. This is the light version of the Sog 9 with the blade from Sog 4 (the Tomcat). It has the one hand opening like the Sog 9(Sogwinder 2) and it is a lot lighter. And is less expensive than the others. It is known by the name Magna Dot. It also comes partially serrated.

Danny Ridenhour
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