SOLD, Blade Show inventory sale, ten knives

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Feb 13, 2007
I don't think we're going to Atlanta this year. We haven't missed the show in 13 years but I'm not real optimistic about this year. And this was going to be our year to win the world cutting competition too...

I'm going to start selling off the inventory we've been building up over the last year.

You can choose from inventory we have already finished out, or place an order for something we haven't built yet and if possible we will try to accommodate as we're building out our inventory.






First come first serve for the first ten knives. If this sale is popular we'll have another next week. It will be different inventory but if your heart is set on something we will try to accommodate it if possible.

Medium Choppers with Sheath (TekLok or Drop Loop)

OD Green TeroTuf on a Black micarta liner- $537
Gray TeroTuf on a Black micarta liner- $537
Unbuffed Burlap Micarta- $537
Unbuffed Antique Micarta on a Black micarta liner- $607
Buffed Double Black Canvas Micarta on a Red G10 liner with turned Titanium fasteners- $552

Utility Fighters with Sheath (all TekLok)
(not shown, there are two lengthwise satin ground UF available, to be configured as you wish, add $150)

Buffed Antique Micarta on a black micarta liner- $437
Buffed Burlap-$347
Buffed Black and Red Linen Micarta- $337
Buffed Double Red Canvas Micarta- $347

Ghost Orange G10- $347
Forest Green G10- $337
Black G10- $337
OD Green G10- $337

Unbuffed Natural Canvas Micarta- $327
Unbuffed Black Canvas Micarta- $327
Unbuffed OD Green Canvas Micarta- $337
Unbuffed Tri-color Rag Micarta- $347

Field Knife 2 (Utility Field Knives)
Black or Natural Canvas micarta $307
Black Linen micarta $317
Double Black canvas micarta $317
OD green micarta $317
Double Red canvas micarta $327
Burlap micarta $327
Rag micarta $327
OD green or Black G10 $317
Orange/Black or Red/Black G10, $327
Ghost Orange or Ghost Red or Ghost Blue $327
Terotuf (grey or bright green or OD green) $327
Ebonite hard rubber $332
Edge cut antique Micarta $407

We will be back next week with somthing

To place an order stake your claim in this thread and Jo will contact you to finalize your order.

Price includes sheath and shipping in the USA
If sales tax is due (due to your location) your order will be discounted so the total is the same as everybody else.

Shipping is already built into the price (BF policy) but if you get more than one the additional shipping will be deduced from your total.


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Jan 6, 2018
(not shown, there are two lengthwise satin ground UF available, to be configured as you wish, add $150)
Edge cut antique Micarta $407 Buffed

If i'm in the last spot for a Satin, please pass it down one spot to the weird guy called casinostocks please.
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Mar 20, 2016
I'll take a satin grind UF please if one should fall down to me

If none available at my lucky # 7 spot, I will have to pass down my spot

ETA: looks like both of the lengthwise satins UFs are already spoken for and since my little-brother-from-another-mother Eric had already hooked me up a couple of days ago with one (the most beautiful one EVER :p ) I'm now gonna be a pass.

Gongrats to those who beat me out :)

ETA2: thanks Phill50 Phill50 weirdo! But I’m a pass to moparsbob moparsbob if he wants one. If others flake, I’ll be in as @Jo the Machinist can always count on me, well sometimes :D

I want those who have none to get one but I’m always on the on deck circle if no one steps up ;)
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May 27, 2018
im in for one.
FK 2 with teklok in Grey tero or burlap preferred but i am open to other options:)
Damn, went from 7 to the 3rd 11... just in case, i'll take what i can get
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