Microtech SOLD Marfione Dirac Delta Mirror


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Aug 12, 2018
Marfione Dirac Delta with mirror polish blade. Went for a ride with me a few times, never used for its intended purpose, fired a few dozen times. Note the clip image, and the light marks on it that can be smoothed out if need be. Comes with magnetic case, pouch with metal dagger, metal COA and cleaning cloth. Can be considered to be in excellent condition, fires like a Delta should.
  • Ultra-polished 204P mirror blade with factory edge
  • Blue hefted T6 alloy scales with two-tone blue ringed hardware
  • Hand-rubbed satin clip
  • 12/2019 / #004
  • 9.5” OAL, 3.75” blade, 4.4oz
$OLD includes PP fees and Priority shipping
9DA22653-BD58-4975-9D14-162A352A92C0.jpeg 65BF073F-FB3E-4353-B467-A8782CEF16F6.jpeg BE9780AF-871D-40B4-8C82-D3113F6264CD.jpeg 479A7901-BFBA-4BAC-A66E-2528EDD71879.jpeg BE657748-02CD-4F9E-AC5D-AFCE6229F339.jpeg 64C03447-62DA-41D4-87EB-21E4BAB0C687.jpeg 151E514B-9B53-4B96-AD48-3B2CF4F81AF7.jpeg A7C11E5A-B1CE-46F8-B087-2D8EB04F2339.jpeg 7017C99A-752A-4091-8D40-47BA461FA84D.jpeg 8FC3D36C-3CF2-40C4-8462-B75B5CAABDEF.jpeg
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