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SOLD, Mix of 10. Kepharts in Delta 3V and AEBL. 6" Utility Fighter in Delta 3V, old stock Field Knife 2.0

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Feb 13, 2007
There are 10 items in today's sale. Your choice of Kepharts in your choice of Delta 3V or AEBL and 6" Utility Fighter 2 in Delta 3V. We also have a few of the old stock Field Knives in Delta 3V and a couple OG FK1 DEF (the double edge dagger ground 6" UF) if you're interested, post here and inquire with Jo.

This is our 6" Utility Fighter version 2.








^ The UF2 is fundamentally the same as the original UF. We made some minor tweaks to the handle and guards but it is substantially the same. It handles the same, it weighs the same, it performs the same. It is being re-released for a military customer, this run is a piggy back for you special knuckelheads who didn't get enough UF love the last time. I made a video showing the difference between the OG UF and the new UF2:

The 6" Utility Fighter was designed as a collaboration with US Army Green Beret Jason Landphair. It is a well made, durable, high performance mid sized utility combat knife optimized to carry light, tolerate rough use well beyond the abilities of "normal" knives, and function properly as a mid size fighting knife in addition to normal cutting chores. In this newest release of this very old pattern it has the Delta 3V heat treat that is optimized for edge stability so it will hold a sharp edge in rough use and the already excellent hand grip is even better. It flips from saber grip to reverse grip the same but there's just a little more hand protection with tweaked guards and thumb ramp and additional jimping.

A side effect of this heat treat is a higher percentage of free chromium, so although it is not stainless, it is nearly so.

The handle is 3D sculpted CNC machined and ergonomically designed for a standard forward, reverse, saber and pinch grips for an average sized hand. Unnecessary weight is removed where possible and the tang is internally skeletonized for a neutral balance. The blade is made of .188" CPM "Delta" 3V. Despite being light (8 oz) and ground relatively thin (.020" before sharpening) it will tolerate rough use in demanding environments. You can baton and pry with it. It will tolerate punching holes in sheetmetal, cutting iron wire and even chopping through cinder block without breaking or developing excessive damage. One of the design requirements when developing this knife was it would be capable of opening a hole in a masonry wall without risk of breaking. You could damage the edge if you set your mind to it, but it has exceptional edge retention and is practically unbreakable. It comes with my rough use warranty: if it ever fails for any reason short of intentionally breaking it I will replace, repair or refund. Broken tips get re-pointed, broken scales are replaced with a material of my choosing.

CPM 3V, Delta heat treat, 60-61 HRC, .188" at ricasso
Total length 10.8"
Blade length 6.0"
Edge length 5.6", 20 DPS
Weight 8.0 oz
Extra grippy 3D machined scales
18-8 stainless steel fasteners
The price includes a very nice Mashed Cat Kydex sheath with TekLok.

This is an old video that illustrates the excellent durability of this pattern in CPM 3V:

These are all field grade, machined and ground and stonewashed with visible tool and grind marks.

Some are shown with buffed scales (the gloss helps the shape read better in the pictures) but they come unbuffed as standard for a better grip. If you prefer buffed you can request it in your order, there's no charge.

Price is:

$350 in black or natural canvas micarta plus $13 shipping = $363

Scales, substitute for basic micarta (some are limited quantities)

OD green micarta $10
Double Black canvas micarta $10
Double Red canvas micarta (maroon) $20
Green and Black Linen micarta $15
Burlap micarta $20
OD green or Black G10 $10

Shipping in the USA is $13. Multiples do not accrue additional shipping.

Price includes an excellent kydex sheath.

Kephart in Delta 3V $288 and AEBL with a very good optimized heat treat is $268. Your choice of black or natural micarta. There are walnut scales available for $25 extra. Walnut is not a good upgrade IMO because micarta is better in every way but some traditionalists like walnut on their Kephart.

Price includes shipping and an outstanding kydex sheath.


The bevels on our Kephart have an experimental bi-bevel geometry. They're milled twice at two different angles to simulate a convex grind (like the original) to reduce sticking in certain small wood splitting tasks.

Unlike other production Kepharts, the scales on ours are pinned very solidly into place and can't shift around in hard use. The fit between our scales and tang is the best in the industry, they're practically perfect. This matters in a hand tool intended to be used for long durations.

To place an order stake your claim in this thread and Jo will contact you to finalize your order. If you don't hear from her by mid week next week, contact her at jocarothers at g mail dought com

^folks who are posting here to purchase a knife that don't have an email listed in their profile and also aren't set up to get PM's (because they don't have a gold membership), Jo can't contact you so you will need to send her an email

If sales tax is due (due to your location) your order will be discounted so the total is the same as everybody else.

Shipping is already built into the price (BF policy) but if you get more than one the additional shipping will be deducted from your total.

Since these are being built to order it can take a few weeks to get everybody shipped.

Come by here for another sale like this next week.

Thank you. Jo, Mark, Bo, and I appreciate you.

Sadie dog does not. Sadie is the worst.


BTW, we have a website that we post some old inventory on sometimes if anybody is interested. https://carothersknives.com/shop/ Jo said she has a few AEBL DEK1 she's going to list on Monday.

Tacoma Kid

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Mar 5, 2006
In for a UF2 in D3V with Black Canvas Micarta handle and a FK2 (if it's not the hard thin version) with Black Canvas Micarta handle (or any canvas micarta that is available) if available.

Thank you.
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Mar 12, 2021
It initially looked like I was third but evidently not! Was looking to get an OG FK or FK1 DEF.
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Feb 20, 2021
Double edge fighter if available and standard FK2 please
I'm interested to see what scales are available (burlap or different micarta?)
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