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Sep 2, 2008
Iʻve agonized over this decision for a long time. My Sierra Scout has been my favorite fixed blade for pretty much the duration of my knife hobby to the present. I absolutely love this knife. However, times are tough, and as Iʻve been moving towards becoming an ultralight backpacker, Iʻve had to sacrifice quite a bit of gear and knives to fund the purchase of better ultralight backpacking gear. As much as I hate to put my beloved Sierra Scout up for sale, I really need to raise money to put towards other gear that will ultimately see more use in my backpacking/hiking geared outdoor life. I canʻt afford to hang on to something that, in light of my typical activities, sees less use relative to other gear.

Iʻm selling the knife along with the original awesome leather sheath by Nick, and a superb kydex sheath I had made for it. Since Iʻm not too keen on having to sell the knife, donʻt expect much in the way of price drops. If the knife doesnʻt sell, Iʻll simply take that as a sign that I really should keep it and raise money another way. I just thought Iʻd link it here for any NWA owners or newcomers to NWA Knives who may be looking to pick up a Sierra Scout.

Nick, thank you for such a spectacular knife! :thumbup: Iʻm already designing a lighter, compact, more backpacking-geared fixed blade for you to make for me sometime soon :D

Sale Thread.
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say it aint so......You are the reason I got mine.

How much are you asking for it? I would love the kydex sheath for mine. If I bought it maybe I could just sell it back to you when you came to your senses
Adam, I know! Believe me, the decision was definitely not an easy one. I'd been wrestling with it for a couple of months prior. I've been supporting my GF these past few years as she's worked towards licensing in her field, and I'm not quite as flexible with money as I used to be. I had to break it down in terms of pure utility and cost, especially since I have other production and lesser-value knives that "do the job". Anyway, I already sold it, and gave the guy both sheaths, sorry bud!

Oh and yeah, I told him that if he ever decides to sell it, definitely contact me so I can have first crack at getting her back. That was the knife that stayed with me the longest, maybe what, 3-4 years now. It was the one there was always no question of keeping as other great knives came and went. Anyway, I know things won't be this lean for long, so I'm definitely going to pick up another from Nick as soon as I can, and I'll have him make one a little more specific for me as well.

It was a tough call, but all is not lost, and I know I'll be picking up another :thumbup:
Not yet, but soon!! I've been working on a design I want Nick to make for me, geared more towards backpacking use.
Sounds interesting, post your design when you can, just sounded cool as I was reading about.