Solingen "original Bowie" identification

Jun 25, 1999
I am new to this board and need a little help identifying the maker of a knife that I've had since the early 1970's. It is a bowie with an 8" blade, 5" stag handle and has a brass handguard. It came with a green and red leather sheath (has leather tassels like a pioneer sheath). One side of the knife is marked Solingen Germany and the other side has a fist with three arrows sticking out of it. It seems to be a well made knife (I was around thirteen when I bought it, so it has been thrown at trees, smashed on rocks and generally abused, but has survived in one piece and looks pretty good. Now I'm just curious to see who made and how much it might be worth. I think that I paid around $12 for it. Any help would be appreciated.
Mar 30, 1999

The fist with 3 arrows stamp belongs to Precise according to Bernard Levine in the newest edition of his guide. I found it on page 71. The book says that this stamp was used 1954-1966 and the maker is identified as "Voos, Schlieper; agent for Wenger."

I've sold a couple of them in pretty good shape but with a white cracked ice celluloid handle for $30/per. Stag might be worth more to someone who wants it.

Hope this helps some.