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Some accolades! and a sick custom

Kailash Blades

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 21, 2015
Recently Gurkha Khukuri Review Group (the largest online khukuri community) ran a vote to see who the community thought was the best manufacturer, who had the best replica blade and who had the best original design.
We won best manufacturer by a large margin and were also lucky enough to scoop a win on best replica blade with our Pensioner khukuri!
It's great to see the effort and time we've put in over the last few years get recognised and just a sign of what's to come from us.
Here's some pictures of a recent custom pensioner to celebrate. This has an engraved blade with a rhododendron motif (nepal's floral emblem) as well as a two part handle with an engraved central ring and some creamy, almost glassy horn.