Some of my Bob Lum Beauties

Bob was special. He passed SO suddenly. One month he was doing shows and filling orders, the next he was gone. :(

Unmistakable style. A Knives Annual 'Wooden Sword' winner way back in 1983.

Thanks Dave!
Superb. :)
I was lucky enough to buy a beautiful stag fighter from him in LA back in 1986. I treasure it.
He was a man ahead of his time.
Beauties? Yep, that’s what I see! Especially that fighter/field knife on the bottom :thumbsup:
In 2005 or 2006 I was at the NYCKS, and Bob had a table. (This was at the Roosevelt hotel? Horrid.)

Regardless, he had a single Forester model on his table. It was around $800. The last new design he created.

I waffled and said that infamous line knifemakers know all too well: "I'll be back...." and didn't part with my cash.

When I did return it was gone. Oh well. So I ordered one there. :)

2007 he passed. He never got to it. I learned two lessons there: What a fine man he was, and to ACT when you need to.

His website is still active as a tribute. What happens to ALL that equipment?
Dave, since this is devoted to Bob L, I hope you will enjoy seeing this single 13" biggie of a tanto!

Gorgeous one, Dave - and a later, "better" (as in more recent) example of a Lum Biggie stag!
right up there with that white jade Warenski jambiya
The blades on those two on the top just about make my brain explode.