Some of my latest stuff

Jul 8, 2002
My first couple of folders; More Info


My Latest Folder; More Info


Viking Styled Dagger; More Info

Nice folders, but how do u open them? i don't seem to see a opening device? Or are the blades supposed to be openend by pinching the blade? Fantastic steel btw
Love that carbon fiber, pattern welded steel folder.

I'm not much for daggers, but that is one heck of a nice one you have there. You did some wonderful work on that knife.
I think that you have a winning design with the folders ! The flow is excellent !

But. . . . .

Without seeing a spine view of the top two. . . .the scales and bolsters look boxy/bulky. The knives are very streamlined and have a slim appearence. You would probably get rid of that boxy/bulky look if you softened the edges, dramatically.

With such a streamlined appearence and the visual effects of the damascus and beautiful wood, the buttonhead screws complicate the flow and make the knives visually choppy. I think that they are too big, plain and don't follow the beautiful arching pattern of your knife.

I hope that you don't mind, but I took liberty of taking the top picture and performed some manipulations to get rid of three screws. The pic is attached. To secure the bolster and scales, I think that you could use a beveled flathead screw and attach from the liner-side. If not, recess all of the screws and use a smaller screwhead (stay away from a buttonhead - except for the pivot). Something like the screws on the carbon fiber folder.

Again, stunning designs ! Definitely winnners !