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Some Praise for Bob Taylor & REKAT


Gold Member
Oct 12, 1998
Here's my story:

About 1 month ago I purchased a REKAT Pioneer, my 1st REKAT. Last weekend on April the 3rd I had some problems with it. I e-mailed REKAT that same day and by the next morning I had an e-mail from Bob Taylor answering my questions and asking me to send it back for testing and evaluation. I sent it out on monday the 5th via UPS. According to UPS tracking REKAT recieved the knife on April the 9th. Last evening, Monday the 12th, I had a voice mail from BOB Taylor asking me to call him back toll-free to talk about my knife. I, of course, called back immediately and Bob talked to me for about 15 minutes explaining what was wrong and what they were doing to correct it and told me it would go out on Tuesday (go UPS go!!!). Anyway, my problem was taken care of to my COMPLETE satisfaction. Now I have been buying knives for only about 2 years and have dealt with numerous companies concerning warranty situations, but this went above and beyond anything I experienced or expected. Bottom line: Bob Taylor and the folks at REKAT are First Class!!! they have gained a customer for life. Now I just have to find enough money to buy a Carnivour and Sifu.
Well, that about does it.

I've been very impressed by Bob Taylor and REKAT from what I've heard here on BladeForums. Glad to hear about the great support you got Walter.