Some thoughts on Crawford's Kasper


Welcome to the club! The KFF is a beaut!. I initially wondered too how much better can a custom be over a production knife. Well, in this case, better if not A LOT better than most production knives. Crawford also is the first custom maker I dealt with and helped make the jump with other makers easier.

Love the KFF. Ergonomic handle, best linerlock I've seen and a blade that is the sharpest and most beautiful in an "efficient" and functional way.

Can't wait to get my Carniour back from Crawford (wanted tip down instead of tip up). That one is a winner too with the same great fit and finish.

My Crawfords will get pass down to my kids. In other words, they stay with me til the end.


Dennis, it sounds like a great knife, one that I will have to add to my collection. It was a great review. Hurry up and get some more custom knives so we can read your reviews on them hehehe.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives