Somebody got a free Kershaw 1595ABLK bump

Mar 27, 2005
Just like the title states. I f_cked up today. I was opening a container of fungicide for turf management and got a little on the blade. Since the stuff is toxic i put the knife on the rail of the truck bed. I thought when i was done i would wash it off and clip it back in my front pocket. Don't know if it was the long day or the sweltering heat, but i forgot to wash it and jumped in my truck and left. It was not until an hour later i realized what i had done. I was talking to a client when i thought to myself, oh shit!. I took a ride to re-trace my steps, and its a no go. It must have fell in the road or in the parking lot where i was filling up my sprayer. Its a busy area and with lots of people walking around, so im sure somebody snatched it up right away. Hope they enjoy it as much as i did. Well i'm gonna miss that knife, best i ever owned so far.

PS- I just ordered a new Shallot, that should soften the blow-Mike
May 13, 2007
After forty years of marriage, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein came to a stand still in their love life. Each night Frankenstein would come home from work, eat his dinner, and sit in front of the television set until he fell asleep. Dissatisfied with this arrangement, the Bride decided to see a therapist.

"He's never in the mood," complained the Bride.
"Try a romantic candlelight dinner," suggested the therapist.

The next day, the Bride returned to the therapist with a frown on her face. "He's still not in the mood," she complained.

"This time," the therapist recommended, "try something more seductive. Put on some sexy lingerie and lure him into the bedroom."

But the Bride returned to the therapist the following day complaining that her monster of a husband was still not in the mood.
As a final piece of advice, the therapist said, "You should try to recreate the moment that first sparked your romance."

The next day the Bride returned with a huge grin on her face. "Thank you so much," she said to the therapist. "Last night, I forced Frankenstein to come outside in the middle of the lightening storm. And right there, in our backyard, he made love to me like it was our very first time."

"Making love in a lightening storm put him in the mood?" asked the therapist.
"Well," said the Bride of Frankenstein, "I tied a kite to his penis." :D
Mar 6, 2008
Wrong thread LIB! ROFL

lawnspic, that's terrible. I think the shallot shall console you though, everybody who has one loves theirs.