Somebody STOP me!


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Jul 15, 1999
.......I'm out'a control!

Until now my obsession has been limited to Butterfly knives. Since joining this forum, and reading about all the other choices out there, I think I've lost it.

In the last week alone I've purchased, or ordered the following:
~Benchmade 710 Axis lock

~Benchmade Ascent 840

~Cold Steel Scimitar


~And 4 more Balisongs
smile.gif I sit in front of the door all day waiting for the Mailman. AND I'm thinking up excuses to call in sick, because the UPS guy comes after 5:00PM (I work nights) you guys have a support group?

Clay G.

I started out exactly the same way; BM balisongs were my main carry blades until about four years ago when I realized that it might be a little much to cut strings, open letters, etc. around the office with it. There was no way I was giving up blades altogether as I've put too much time and passion into training with them. So I branched out to other BM's and found the "way of the clip." The BM Axis and Mini are two of the finest production folders around, and will very likely outlast most of my other using knives (bali's included). Still love flipping mine around every now and then (sounded kind of bad, eh?).


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.

I feel for you, Clay. I've been rather exuberant in my knife purchases. If I knew how to knife-fight, I'd have a Sifu by now too.

My suggestion for coping with your problems is to send half of your new knives to me, and to keep posting avi's of you flicking sharp things around on your site.

I'm sleeping with my BM 30 these days. Thanks MUCH!!!!

Bali Song disciple forever.

I'm there with ya dude!!! I've got like 3 customs on the way with a bunch more stuff in the works. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention: the SIFU for the back pocket...

DAMN! The amount of stuff I carry is starting to scare & amaze me... Heheheheheh.

Clay, this is the support group
And why isn't there a BF Native on that list?
Clay, you want somebody here to tell you to stop buying? Buddy you came to the wrong place

Anyhow, I have seen you post your web addy a few times, to be honest I never looked. I had a benchmade butterfly at one time but could never do any of the neet tricks and had to open it with botj hands or risk injury.

Well this time I had a few extra minutes and looked. You are to be complimented, it is a nice site that you have done. I got tied up there looking for at least an hour. Thank you for openly sharing your knoledge. It seemed to have sparked a desire to once agian consider a high quality balisong. There is a gunshow this weekend and I am going to try and find a nice benchmade. I am also going to buy an el cheapo POS that I can make REALLY dull to practice some of the tricks on your site.

It seems sometimes benchmade butterflies are a little hard to come buy (since they are no longer made) and when I have seen them they are expensive. Are there any other good brands you can suggest?

SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!!, you have come here with a problem, and now you have caused me to go in search of a new knife. Well mister, when my wife yells at me I am going to give her your phone number

Clay, I hate to tell ya bud but we`re the wrong bunch to help you out with this problem! Personally I`d be okay with the malady if I didn`t seem to have one foot in the dog house most of the time. LOL!

There is no known cure. You, like myself are a Knifeaholic.

I tried to quit cold turkey about 7 years ago. Locked up all my knifes and ignored them. Stopped reading knife mags and let the subscriptions expire. Three years ago I discovered ebay. Still I maintained control and ignored the knife auctions. I thought I had it beat.

Then it happened. About two months ago while looking for my birth certificate I came across my knife collection. One no longer appealed to me and I sold it on ebay for a modest profit. What the heck, since I made a little I can spend the proceeds on another Paul knife for my collection. Just one more! That's all it took. Now I am a member of this forum and have already purchased five new knives so far this month.

So, we must admit to our incurable sickness and give in to this wonderful disease. We cannot beat it...there is no cure. At best we can only limit the number of outbreaks per month.

But the feel of razor-sharp forged(or hand-ground) cold steel beats crack any day & it lasts a whole lot longer!

Actually, it's prett easy to get crack addicts to stop snorting.... it's getting 'em to stop SMOKING the crap that's hard!
(Or so I've been told)

As for the need for a Knifefreaks Anonymous group... please, PLEASE, don't tell my wife about 'em!!! I stopped drinkin' on Friday nights, stopped buying a firearm on Sundays (What can I say? I LOVE her!) But I couldn't handle being kept away from my shiny and slicy friends.
Snorting crack? Now that's a feat. That takes a dedication that most coke-heads just don't have. I don't know whether to fear or respect someone who can snort crack rock.

Sorry. It's been a long day. Pardon me.

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If you ever get to the point when you say, "Man I have too many knives!" Then it's time to retire your BF membership. Too many knives? No such thing.