Someone Convexed My V Grind!

May 4, 2010
I purchased a used ZDP Lum Chinese a little while back. It looks like the previous owner slightly convexed the edge. I've Sharpened it lightly once or twice on the Sharpmaker F and UF rods to restore hair popping sharp, but keep thinking that this can't be the proper solution.

If I make myself a strop and get some diamond compound, will this allow me to sharpen on the Sharpmaker, then strop to keep the convexed edge and micro bevel? If I keep sharpening on the Sharpmaker will this eventually require completely re-profiling my edge and bevel? Should I simply find a mousepad and some sand paper and learn to convex my knives?

I may just be over thinking this. Thanks for any replies.
Doesn't really matter but it will be a pain to sharpen with sandpaper. The knife is flat ground to begin with so the advantage of convex is not really much of a factor.

Continue with the SM or use water stones, ZDP takes a beautiful edge from water stones.
if its already convexed, you might as well keep it that way. it wont be that hard to keep it sharp once you learn how to maintain it. if you get a sheet of wetordry sandpaper (3m brand) and lay it on a piece of cardboard or something similar, you'll be able to work up a burr that can be taken off on your strop and regular compound.

i put convex edges on knives all the time and they hold up a lot better and cut a lot better from what customers tell me and from my own experience. most of the knives i make have a convex edge. the chisel grind knives i make come with a half convex edge and cut like crazy. check out the vids at my website of knives i sharpened. (link in my sig line)
Sharpmaker should be plenty of sharpener for your Lum. You can strop afterwards if you want to but it is usually not necessary with proper technique.