someone help me

Jan 2, 2003
Can anyone help me figure out all the stuff there is to know about knives? My boyfriend won't explain it to me, but if anybody wants to help out,any little helpful tid bits would be great! I'd sure appreciate it! Thanks yall! ;)
Look at the top of the screen, click tutorials/faqs, then on the left of that page, knowledge base, and then click knife FAQ's, reading a couple of the right ones will shame your boyfriend.
Welcome to BFC, and you'll find yourself spending more money on knives than makeup real soon ;) :D
I printed some of that information out and have been reading it and learning a lot of cool stuff I didnt even know existed about knives. I told my BF I would put him to shame with my new knowledge and he said "good, now you can just answer all my questions" .... I hope so.
Welcome to the forums! You are in good company. My wife is not a computer nut at all, but she does love knives, axes, tomahawks, multi-tools, and such. When I buy myself a new toy, she often adopts it, so I often buy another for myself.