someones gotta need this :)

thanks, I sent for that in a second. it shouldn't take long to get a practical test of that when i'm in my shop.
I remember reading a news story about something like this, several months ago. It was being introduced for used by the US military as a way to stop bleeding on the battlefield, buying time so the wounded have a better chance of surviving long enough to get medical attention. It was supposed to be easy to use.
Geeze! I really needed this a couple of days ago when I slashed open my thumb with a fresh boxcutter blade while sharpening my carpenter's pencil. :eek:

Probably wouldn't have done that if I was using a "real" knife to do the job LOL


I'm sending for this right away, my wife will appreciate it! Whenever I do anything remotely "risky" or starts working with power tools she get's the phone and prepares to call 911!!!

Mike Roesch
got mine in the mail too....we'll have to see if it's better than my "usual".....piece of tape...:rolleyes: :eek: