Something special for the holidays

Sep 16, 2003
I'm not sure is this forum is the correct place to post this or not, so please forgive me if it is not.

I just finished this carving set for a customer who requested it be on his table for the Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays and when all the pieces came together I was truly touched by it. Now I know a Bladesmith should not take this attitude towards his own work, but I truly believe it to be the finest thing I have ever made to this point and my only intention is to share this set with the world.

The Royal blue velvet lined box is African Mahogany and brings the set to life. Both the knife and fork were hand forged out of 1095 carbon steel and both have a 2000+ grit traditional hand polish. The German Silver furniture was engraved by Joe Mason and truly make the ivory look elegant and timeless. Balance on both the knife and fork is centered on the forward bolster and makes them feel like and extension of your hand. The knife was polished and not etched to show the activity in the Hamon and I regret that the photographs do not express the warmth of the set and are poor quality.



Thank you for looking and I apologize if was out of line in any way.
Dale Baxter
The customer will be delighted - That is one of the coolest sets I have seen - the carving knife has a fantastic blade profile - all it needs now is a matching set of steak knives. :)

That's an outstanding carving set Dale - thanks for sharing it with us. :D

Great Work by two talented individuals. Beautiful work Dale and Joe.

Stop apologizing and stand ready to take some praise. This forum IS about you and your finest pieces. I want to know when a maker is excited. Your best work to date? THAT'S exciting and worth this forum! (See, even Randy agrees!)

Anyway, I am in complete support of a carving set/presentation combo. I have one myself from William Burger. Yours is as nice as anything I have ever seen, and because of the ceremony involved, it stands just a bit taller than usual. :)

Did you make the case? Wow. What's the chain for?

The case is hand made and the chain is for placing beads or trinkets that remind us of each holiday that the set is used for.

The customer who ordered the set sent me photographs of his wife carving a giant ham with the set, and also pictures of the set after it's job was done...and the remains of ham that was left. lol
Not only have I gained a customer for life, but most of all a friend...and that's what's it's all about for me.

Thanks again for your very kind words.
Dale Baxter
Dale Baxter Custom Knives
Dale!!!!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!!!! Job Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I am rapped up with all of Dale’s excitement. I engraved the handles for Dale, but they did not have the knife or fork attacked at the time. It is truly a beautiful set. I was truly please to be part of this project. I only made one picture of the engraving and will try to post it.

Joe Mason

First Side.jpg
Thanks guys, All I could do is try to make something with my hands that my mother would use on her table.


Joe, Thanks again for the super work.

Be safe,
Dale Baxter
Dale Baxter Custom Knives