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Andy the Aussie

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Jan 29, 2010
9,766 I did a prisoner exchange with elof_alv elof_alv the other morning, my schedule for the past month has been a bitch and may not improve till 2020....however I figured I should give him his NFSH.... :D As many may know elof_alv does some mighty fine leather work and at the exchange (we should have done this on a darkened bridge with troops at each end I know - but a supermarket car park was the best we could manage) he gave me a wonderfully crafted sheath for my Trash1....

.... and like everything of this nature he has made me, I can find no fault......sadly he is soon moving to "Mexico" and the rules of Australian Interstate Relations may dictate that I formally disown him, suggest he is becoming a latte sipping softy and malign his weather, fellow residents and general manliness. Such is the way of things... ;) ;) ;)

Thanks mate !!!!!
His work is so good, those look great Andy! No wonder I can't understand him tho, I don't speak a word of Spanish.



That looks great, Andy!

My favorite Elof is the one he did for your DSSF. Its so sleek and cool...

I also like the hairy one he did for Rob and the BOAR movie

Oh and your sheath is nice as well HK!
Nice photos. Great sheaths, and superlative blades. Perfect Sunday evening treat. Thanks.
Toad you say...appropriate for those above the border of course....seeing as most of my favourite family bend bananas I guess this is OK for me as well...

Man that is so nice. Or maybe the sheath just looks that good to me because I know what's in it :cool: