Something with similar size and feel to the Cold Steel Recon 1?

May 23, 2003
What other knife has the same feel as the Recon 1 from CS, with the same type of lock? Thanks
the ultra lock is just an axis lock rip-off anyways so definitely look at the benchmades.
What other knife has the same feel as the Recon 1 from CS, with the same type of lock? Thanks

If you're looking for a knife with Axis type lock and a "large" handle like the Recon 1, there really isn't that much from which to choose. The Recon 1 has sort of an "oversized" handle. If you don't want a Cold Steel but want an Axis style lock, there is only Benchmade and SOG.

In the large handle department, SOG makes the Pentagon Elite 2 and the Spec Elite 2.

In a Benchmade, the Presidio has a large handle but it's aluminum. I have this knife in an auto and like it very much. The Ruckus has a large handle but like the SOG's, also a large blade.

Others may have some ideas but that's about all I can think of at the moment.

Good luck
the benchmade 710 is a solid large folder that will serve you well.

I agree with cereedy (I own one also) but it's handle is only about 1/2 as big as the Recon 1. The only way you are really going to find what you are looking for it to go to a very well stocked knife store and try some out. I'm not sure why this is so important to you but maybe if you tried out the feel of a knife like the BM 710, you may find that they "do the trick", so to speak.

Yes, but does the Grip have the same heft as the CS?

i don't get this. for most people heft is bad. heft doesn't necessarily equate to strong. or rather lack of heft doesn't necessarily equate to weak. i have both the grip and the recon 1 (older 420 zytel version). i use the grip MUCH more. it does FEEL cheap but it locks up hella strong and performs. the recon 1 is quite big and heavy for me to edc. the grip is awesome.

i also have a 710 and 806. these BMs have more heft but are by no means heavy. they have full skeletonized liners and g-10 so they look and feel great. PLUS they have a fairly large blade in a neat and slim package. MUCH better to edc than the recon 1.

imo BM all the way. unless you don't mind lockbacks then spydies rule.
Hows the SOG X Ray Vision? The knife is actually for a buddy of mine, and the Recon 1 has been his favorite.