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Son's Antique Knife?

Feb 5, 1999
My son, Daniel who is 11 has had a knife for a w hile, given to him in trade from a friend, and he'd like to know if anyone has any idea what it's worth. I'll do my best to describe it.

It is a green girl scout knife, heavy on the shellac, for lack of a better word..the green seems to be buried under a thick layer of clear..something? A gold girl scout symbol is mounted on the green under the clear stuff. The knife is a Kutmaster, blade says Utica NY. It has a screw driver- a bottle opener, a 1.75 inch blade, some kind of dull pokie thing, and another bottle opener...(?) The whole knife closed is about 2.25" long....it looks REALLY old, or in REALLY bad shape...any ideas?
I'm looking here at Levine's Guide to Knives & Their Values. About the closest thing I see is listed under Official Girl Scout knives is a "Kutmaster, 3 and 3/8", clear plastic over green handles," and its value is listed at $30. Of course, your closed length is different, and unfortunately there is no picture, only says 4 blades.
Another one with mottled green celluloid handles is listed at $75.
Unfortunately that's all I can find here. I'd say keep it just the same. My first knife was an old, OLD Camillus wood-handled pocketknife with 2 blades and an awl...rusty, and the master spear point blade sharpened to almost a rusty nothing...but I think it's 50 to 60 years old, at least...still got it!
Yours probably is an antique...they've probably not been made since the '40s or so. Maybe someone more experienced can help too!

I am sitting here holding the identical knife except for the fact that mine has a Silver GS medallion pinned to the outside of the mottled Green handles, and says "Utica Featherweight Pat.Apl." on the blade. I think that the "dull pokie thing" is supposed to be some knid of an awl.
And since you made me take it out of storage I just had to look up the price.And Levine's book does indeed list a 4 blade, 3 3/8 inch mottled green celluloid handle knife for $75. Guess I'll have to hold onto this one.
They also list a Kutmaster 4 blade, 3 3/8 inch clear plastic over green handles for $30. They don't show any smaller knives, only larger ones. Are you sure it isn't 3 3/8?
P.S.- They started production in the 1930's. Which would definitely mean that your son's knife is an antique.
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Goins tells me the trademark "Kutmaster" was first used in 1937, even though the Utica Cutlery Co., in Utica, N.Y. was founded in 1910.

Levine's guide seems to have the best information on Boy Scout and Girl Scout knives. As the others have indicated, the table showing Girl Scout knives does not list the smaller length. However, in the text, Levine does say that Utica/Kutmaster made both junior and full-sized versions of the Girl Scout knives with clear celluloid over green handles. Your son, Daniel, probably has one of the junior ones.

Even though this is not a high value item, its real value is as a keepsake with memories attached. Hope Daniel enjoys his knives!

God bless.