Sorry, Son, this one's mine!

Sep 3, 2000
I ordered a Spyderco full-size Calypso, with the thought that this would make a nice Christmas gift for my son.

I got the knife today, and I gotta tell ya that this is one fine example of the knifemaker's art. I guess I could argue that I would prefer tip-up carry clip placement. And valid arguments could be made textured grip panels would be more practical. Those points aside, this is a fine knife.

The kid gets a card with a $100 bill. Let him buy his own knife. He's a fine young man, but paternal affection has limits.
Easy to fall under the spell of those elegant lines...shoulda sheilded yer eyes when you opened it.
Hey, it would be pretty easy to order yourself another Calypso if you were to give your son the present you had planned. I understand your feelings, but think of how much joy you would give your son.
I take it your son loves knives as much as you do. If not keep it and give him the $100.00, he might appreciate it more.
Merry Christmas.

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Actually, I will give my son the Calypso.

I ordered another from DiscountKnives.

Giving money sucks!

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bad4u, Good move giving your son the knife and ignoring your lust for that shiny hard steel. I can't wait until my son is old enough to give him his first knife. He's four and has been coveting mine since he was two.