Source for bead chain for neck knife ?


Jan 31, 1999
Where would be the best place locally to look - Home Depot? craft store? ???
Home Depot, Lowes or your favorite hardware store if you can still find one. There is an Ace hardware in my area that has a great selection!

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10-4 on the Ace. My local one had spools of both #3 and #6 in stock. The Lowe's had spooled #6 and Home Depot had #6 already packaged in lengths. They both will pull through 550 cord, a bit snug on the #6.
If you just need a little bit, most hardware stores carry it. If you need a LOT, do a search on Ball Chain Manufacturing -- they have a website & offer a great price (but only sell by the spool).
Try an army/navy surplus store for black chain. I have found it at several in my area.

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Atlanta Cutlery sells ID tag chains for a buck. Mine hasn't rusted and gotten all ugly like that I bought at a hardware store. Did have to use both the long and short one for comfortable length. A bit shorter than Uncle Sam gave me. Am thinking it must be stainless. (Us truly sweaty guys gotta be careful about that.)

MY BAD, MY BAD!! It is Brigade Quartermaster that has the dog tag chains. Sorry, my bloody missing memory keeps doing things like that to me.


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Just to expound on a previous point, the large home improvement warehouses generally keep the chain with the lights and ceiling fans. I do not know if they are St. St., but my large and sweaty body doesn't seem to make them rust


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Hey! How aout us disco guys!?!

How about gold or platinum chain?

Ace only has 14 carat.
I live in Sweden, and here we often combine a shoe repair shop with a locksmith. Usually run by immigrants. A well assorted locksmith should have a bead chain; at least I got one from such a store...
I don't know is he is still doing it, but Silence 77 ( does a paracord covered ball chain that is great! Black paracord over ss chain, comfortable and wears like cotton!
Blade-Tech has Black SS chain. The stuff you get in the big chain stores is not true stainless and will rust over time.

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I've posted this on here before, but it's worth repeating.

Be careful what you are buying in ball chain. If you get the cheap non-stainless ball chain, you run the risk of contact dermatitis if you have sensitive skin like me. I can't wear cheap eyeglass frames or watches with base metal backs or screws.
A word on black. There are a few well known makers who use black ball chain and advertise them as stainless. But after only several days of daily wear, the black has faded to show corroding non stainless beneath. Feels icky, to quote an ex! Perhaps it was inadvertant. And they had received them with similar info from suppliers. Please go to my original post: