Source for Blade Tech "Tek-Lok" clip system ?


Jan 31, 1999
It appears that Blade Tech does not have an interest in marketing and selling this product, as I cannot locate it on their website. Wher can they be had, and at what price?
In stock at How many do you want? Give me a call 800-821-7461.


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Wow! That is a rich site, in more ways than one. After seeing the works of art there, I'm almost embarassed to tell why I wanted to see the tek-lok. in terms of a cheap neck knife, I think the ArcLite is a great buy, but even with the addition ofthe tek-lok, I think the Stiff KISS MDP offers more carry versatility. I just wanted to see a good picture of what the tek-lok offers.

Rest assured, I will be returning to browse the bladeart site when I have the time!