Source for Smooth Steel Rod


Nov 16, 2000
I was looking for a smooth steel rod source. This is referenced in the sharpening faq and should be used after sharpening. I already have an Edge Pro Professional model and wanted to get the smooth steel to complement this sharpener.


F. Dick makes some of the best butcher's steels available and they make one or two that are totally smooth and not grooved in any way.

Good Luck. Andy

Thanks for the response. What is the best way to get in touch with them?
Also, Razor Edge Systems.


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The site that duece recomended, Knife Merchant, would have been my choice, althouth there is another similar site here:

And I glanced at the site, Handamerican, that Deuce also listed. I didn't take too much time at it so far but I bookmarked it. It looks to be a fairly decent place for sharpening accessories and tips. And the rods he pointed out are about half of what some of the F. Dicks cost and longer which is good if you have longer knives.

Thanks, Duece, for the info. Andy
I use ultra smooth rods made by Ron Hock, maker of many fine woodworking accessories. They are 65Rc, 3/8" in diameter and about 6" long and the fit PERFECTLY into the slots of a Sharpmaker 203/204. They can be purchased on the internet at many vendors. Do a search on "Ron Hock", or "Hock" steels. If you have problems, let me know. They are $20-25 for a pair.