Sources for multi-colored paracord?

Sep 29, 1999

Going to get 3 Camillus/Ralph EDC 154cm's and want to make pretty pigtail for each of them. I would like to acquire the multi-colored paracord or equivalent (like the kind found in shoelaces). Does anyone know of good mail order/internet sources? TIA.


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Brigade Quartermasters carries a nice 3mm braided static cord, mostly black with orange, brown, and white fibers in a regular pattern. Good strong stuff (400 lbs. tensile strength), looks nice, durable, and just the right size for lanyards. It's $9.99 + shipping for 50'. Search for item number RAPA3.
Go to a good sporting goods shop and see what they have. REI ( ) fixed me up with some paracord type stuff Utility cord $3.25.

Any place with a good hiking gear and rock climbing section should have a good selection of cord to choose from, just select something you can tie! Some of that stuff is really strong with great colors but, it is darn near impossible for mortals to tie into anything close to a knot.

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the other site didn't work so here I hope is the correct one.they have at least 26 different colors of
Not sure if they sell the stuff online, but I got some cord at Eastern Mountain Sports to make a fob for my Running Dog Li'l Pup, and it looks quite nice. (btw, I found the photos here in bladeforums that taught me how to make the Hangman's Noose for a fob - thanks!).