Spanish Navajas

Feb 3, 2001
I'm a newbie at this forum and don't know if this topic has already been discussed or not. I was once stationed in Portugal, from where I visited Spain in the summer of 1980. In my tour I saw displayed a large, silver folder which the Andalucians call a Sevillian razor (Navaja Sevillana), or Sevillana for short. It was a beautiful handcrafted silver folder, with very good sharp steel. Does anyone know if these have ever been imported into the U.S. I've checked several Gun & Knife shows in Florida, but I have not seen any navajas of any style. Does anyone out there have any information on the subject?

You are in luck!

The biggest knife collector's show is comming up in florida in only two weeks. Get yourself up to lakeland on the weekend of the 16th & 17th.