Spark please help

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rio, go to his feedback line and click on the triangle icon in the middle. In the dialog box that opens up, tell Spark what happened.
Did it already, thank you sir

HUGE THANK YOU TO SPARK AND KELAMA!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
My apology for the mistake.
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I know that you get tired of having to deal with this same old reoccurring problem- & honestly, I don't blame you.

The negative feedback left for Seth Green was clearly a mistake. Seth, is without a doubt, one of thee nicest people whom I've had the privilege of meeting here on BladeForums, & one of the few member's here, that I would call a very good friend. Seth, is never involved in any drama here, is a straight shooter, & quite frankly, thee type of member that makes BladeForums the success that it is.:thumbup:

Here is link, that will clearly demonstrate how respected Seth is, in this community, & what a wonderful asset he is here:

vThanks to this thread, we also learned an awful lot, how compassionate of a person, one of our Super Moderator's (RD) is:

I heard something a while back and it really got me thinking. I'll try to condense it for the benefit of the "tl'dr" crowd.

It can be said that being "nice" is something shown that is as deep as the uppermost surface of a persons character. Being "nice" is a superficial and transient. Something that can be turned on and off like a light switch as the need arises and doesn't go any further beyond that.
However, true kindness is something that cannot be taught, it cannot be bought, or ignored. Kindness comes from the heart, the most visceral area of our being. Some people get it and others miss it.

Sorry to sound like cheesy greeting card, but I feel it's very true.

Best wishes to you and your family Seth, remember it can't always be bad.
He's good.
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