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SPARK, Questions about the BF Native !!!

Jul 14, 1999
Hi i was wondering if you could answer the following questions for me as i am very interested in ordering asap.

Do you have any plain edge left ?

Do the regular Natives also fit in the sheaths ?

How much will it cost to have a Native and sheath shipped to the UK ?

I will check back tomorrow as i am extremely tired after a 9 hour trip home from holiday to see the Eclipse in Cornwall, UK.


Here's your answers:

Yes, lots of them, feel free to order as many as you'd like.

I don't know.

$145.95 total. $99.95 for the knife, $20 for the sheath, $25 for shipping.

In the future, please ask this question in the BladeForums.com Store Forum.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Regular Native will function with BF Native Sheath, but may not be quite as tight because of coating on clip. This is a minute difference.