Oct 7, 1998
HOOOOHAAAAHHH!! This site really looks GREAT! I was going to post this under your explanation of all the new features, but thought it was important enough to stand alone.

I am not sure that all the posters realize just how much energy, intelligence, talent, and plain hard work you put into this site.

But, if they can't figure it out by simply glancing at this wonderful new site, they are truly obtuse.

OK, Mike, you are in for a pat on the back also. I know you closely support Spark, and I think that the synergy that results from you two working together is awesome. You got a great thing going, and it is getting better every day.

Just one tiny thing. I am losing my sinister reputation. My life is like plain vanilla. All the forums except one have reinstated me.
Crikey; even DONNA is my friend now (and we just pulled off a neat con job at KFC; check the gen. disc. forum, closed thread, '400 posts deleted...heh heh heh).

So, could you, you know, er, ah, like change the little print under my name from 'member' to 'whacko?' Please?? Plain Vanilla Walt
not only does the site look great, but it loads MUCH faster!! slow speed was a big gripe of mine, but no more. Excellent job, guys, excellent!
Walt, there will never be anything plain vanilla with you, there will always be a bit of habenero pepper with it!
Great job on the site guys! Proud to be a member.
Spark & Mike,
Thanks for making my cold, dark winter a little less dreary.


You asked for it Walt, you got it! How about that for customer service?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

Insert witty quip here
"Plain vanilla", mild mannered or boring are not words associated with the good doctor.
"Whacko" applies to almost everyone here. Accordingly, I like "Dr. Whacko" or "King Whacko" best when thinking about Walt.
Everytime he comes to mind a grin begins to appear on my face.


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Hey Spark..
Does this mean that if something happened to Walt's profile and he had to re-register he would be a "Junior whacko"?
DC, sure, as soon as I got ahold of the profile to change it, that is...

Maybe I should charge fees for changing "member status" on profiles...


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

Insert witty quip here
I think its only fair that Walt earn his Whacko status just like we all earn member status. Therefore..."Junior whacko" is appropriate until he makes 30 posts
Walt is definitely not a junior whacko. He is a full blown SENIOR WHACKO!!!!

Keep at it Walt.

Amen to the praise that Walt showered you with, Spark... This place just keeps getting better and easier to navigate all the time. If I was any younger I might even say that this forum is "the bomb", and get away with it without looking ridiculous. Keep up the good work!

Nick B.
Yeah Spark,

Nice going. This site IS nice. I program so I have some appreceation for what you've accomplished.

Hope you're enjoying your new Commander.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it

I don't know whether to first congratulate you and Mike for the superb site or to congratulate you for the speed with which you took Walt's bait and relabelled him a "wacko"


Rob has it right...ain't no plain vanilla there without a big dose of sumpin' spicy!


I'm with you too...never seen a "junior wacko" in operation before (not sure 30 post would do it though). Just don't ask what size Donna's depends are


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!
(That is for everything but KFC where my profile evaporated after I criticized a moderator. The children can keep their sandbox.)

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