Spartan Metis - WIP Photos - Total overhaul

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Apr 3, 2011
So I have a knife from a forum member here and was given "artistic freedom" =) Figured I'd have a little fun w/ looks while at the same time making it highly functional. Been a while since I have done WIP pics, so here we go!

The speciman, before pics:


First up I added a nice full finger choil and beveled everything for comfort (it will be blended into the sculpting in the next step). I grind under coolant, so the gloves help me cut down on the mess especially if I have to answer the phone quick when I'm in the shop it's a breeze :). In this step there was a major item to take into consideration, the hidden blade stop which is just beyond where I took the choil to - it's just inside the scales. Can't go too far w/ this or you will ruin the knife :


And now the fun begins, the sculpting. When I do this I am completely rounding out the scales and corners at the same time to prevent any sort of hot spots during "hard" use. During this step the major consideration was making sure not to "sculpt" into the pivot travel path! It's coming together!



Next up going to add jimping to the spine, regrind the primary, and then Cerakote sweetness... stay tuned as pics will be updated as this comes together. :D
Got the regrind to 240 grit done today! Will put on the final touches tomorrow and then it's Cerakote prep time


Thanks guys!

Added the jimping for a forward grip when cutting boxes open and such... it's ready for the cerakote now!

I love it! Very nice work! What you,ve done has taken the stock knife UP several levels!
Changes the look of the knife completely. Looking forward to see the finished piece. What colour will it be?
Changes the look of the knife completely. Looking forward to see the finished piece. What colour will it be?

Still contemplating that and discussing w/ my customer.

Here it is all sandblasted and degreased ready for the coating!

I hope Spartan Blades are watching this thread. The folder is going to be way better than the original!
This must be an interesting project, which turns a simple plain folder into a piece of art. Nice job.
Thanks guys!

Here's a sneak peak... just finished up w/ cerakoting earlier tonight. More to come on monday in it's full glory ;) I was going for a battle worn look w/ red veins running throughout...

This is such a fun thread, I felt like I needed to post. Just to let you know that the thread is being enjoyed. This is a really fun customization.