Spderco, Blade-Tech and a Dremel

Sep 3, 2006
I just chamfered the blade opening holes on my Para and Pro Hunter Mag.

I really like both of these knives, except for the rather sharp edges of the holes. Not a deal breaker, but it could be improved upon.

I used a dremel with a stone attachment. I hardly took any off, I just went around each hole few times very lightly. I took off very little, so little in fact, that it wouldn't show up in pictures anyway, so I won't post any.
I only chamfered the opening side. (I'm a righty).

What a difference. I should have done this a long time ago. It makes the opening a lot nicer. Allthough invsible to the naked eye, the thumb definately feels the difference.

It might take a little longer, but I would think some sandpaper would work for this as well.
I did something similar to my Spyderco Tenacious. I used a round diamond file and a lot of patience and wet/dry sand paper and more patience.... Well worth the time and effort to me. I also rounded over the edges on the spine.

The hole is still sharp enough that I have no problems opening it. I'm probably going to do the same to my Carbon fiber Sage.

Used fine sandpaper on a Spyderco that just felt too sharp in terms of the edge of the hole -just used my thumb - worked fine - but did leave a real halo 0f fine scratches around the hole.Removing just a little material made it comfortable for my use.
What I found very interesting was I tried out a Benchmade with a hole in the blade - nice smooth rounded edge to the hole - didn't work for me - needed that bit of a edge to comfortably open it - Spyderco does know what they are doing.