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Speak now or forever hold your peace

Bob Taylor

Platinum Member
Dec 10, 1998
Speak now of forever hold your peace. One of the projects we are working on is a full sized Warrior. The Gijan Warrior. It will be our first off shore knife made by the same people in Taiwan who made the AMK Warrior.(sorry to upset all you AMK fans but its true, the Warrior was made in Taiwan not Japan). This version will be 9 ounces lighter using 3/16th steel a thinner guard and 6160 aluminum but cap hard anodized. Our question is this we are leaning. Toward 1084 high carbon steel BlackT finished (W.E. Birdsong will be the contractor). The contractor also has AUS-8 (The AMK was 420) which would you prefer and why. We are trying for a $175.00 price point with an ABS sheath.

Bob Taylor
Mr. Taylor,

Gotta say to go with the high carbon steel instead of the aus8. non stainless steel is the way to go! I enjoy the performance you get from non stainless steels. I also enjoy the lower cost of carbon steel bladed knives. I like the Spec Plus, Cold Steel, and... of course, The two Hobbit Fangs (regular and utility) BECAUSE they are not stainless! A little extra care to ensure that it does not rust and you get a better performing edge AND a better price.

my not so experienced 2 cents!

Chris Canis
I agree with Canis, use the tool steel rather than AUS8. Not that there's anything wrong with AUS8, but a fixed blade is easier to clean and doesn't need the extra protection of the stainless steel. IMHO.
1084 tool steel with Black-T finish. The market is getting wiser and would rather prefer TOUGHER steel WITH rust-resistant coating...

High carbon is the way to go. I would prefer 1084 over aus 8 any day. especially for a knife such as this. I also guessing that the material is cheaper.


Tom Carey