Speaking of eBay...

May 31, 2000
Two observations:
I've noticed autos (NOT the Ca. legal under 2'') BM's etc.being auctioned.
Did eBay change policies?

2nd I've bought & sold on eBay (and other auction sites) for years. You can lose your tutu OR find and nurture good relationships with the honest people you encounter.
NAME DROPPING: Jim Parker AND J. Bruce Voyles both have auctions going right now on eBay. I got into collecting Case Knives.

Probably the automated "look for certain words" filter.

BTW, there are BF members (and 1sks - WOW,INC) who utilize eBay. As well as other internet knife sources that BF members are familiar with. So, again, there are reputable people on their auction site. Know your stuff, and the going prices, look for familiar usernames & email addresses, LOOK at feedback BEFORE bidding. Leave negative feedback for the shmucks & positive for the good uns.
I buy and sell on ebay all the time.All you have to do is use common sense and deal with people who have a good feedback rating.I just sent a knife back to a fella because it just was not up to my standards.No problem.


have a"knife"day