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Spec Bump

Oct 15, 2005
I lost my spec bump today:( it fell out of my pocket while I was on my atv. I want to get another on but can't decide which
steel I want it to have (S30V or 154CM ) Mine was 154CM and I loved it.
Sure could use some help:confused:
I know your pain. I ride my buddies butts all the time about checking there clip tension after losing one of my babies. I havent heard anything bad about either of the specbumps so I would go with what you can find cheap. I think the 154cm run was before the S30v and is no longer in production. I may be off on this info, but if I'm correct and you like the 154 I'd grab one. The S30v should be available for at least the rerst of winter if not longer. If they switch to another steel I would hope for ZDP, I doubt they would downgrade the specbump.
Condolences on your loss.

I prefer 154CM in my blades because with 154CM I am sure that my knife will not have (whisper it) chipping issues. For my EDC purposes 154CM is a wunder stahl. Takes a good edge and holds it a long time cutting all sorts of things.

But a lotta people are going to tell you that S30V is better steel and that their knives have never chipped and that any one who says the steel chips doesn't know what they are talking about. But I still like 154CM.
Get the S30V then you will be able to make a comparison and if you by chance find your lost Bump you will have both.... Just a thought...
The only CPM154 knife available now is Bass Pro Buck110, but it is classical knfe more then modern. CPM S30 is in the premium steel range too.

Thanks, Vassili.
I have both 154cm and s30v knives. I tend to baby the s30v, because I have seen it chip, and it isn't pretty.

Have you thought about a different knife altogether? I was into the bump blade design, grip and size, but that lock felt so flimsy to me compared to an axis lock.

Sorry about your knife :/
I have both 154cm and s30v knives.

CPM154 and 154CM are different things. CPM154 has same composition, but made using PM - same as high vanadium CPM S30V. Which assure size of carbodes no more them 2-4 microns, due to fast cooling. There were only two limited production knives available with this steel first Kershaw SpecBump and BassPro Buck 110. Of coures CPM154 is same as european RWL34 also made with PM method, so some European knives may be made out of it.

Thanks, Vassili.
CPM154 and 154CM are different things.
After I reread your quote last night, I went and researched the difference. I was going to post here, with the difference(s) and a link to another thread here on bladeforums that explained everything very clearly. However, since the thread's original question was 154cm vs s30v, not CPM154 vs s30v I thought it would be offtopic.

Thank you for your comment though, I didn't know the steel product existed prior. Had I read about it before I probably would have thought cpm154 was the same as 154cm, and just a different way of writing it. It appears the original poster didn't know his spec bump was cpm154, not 154cm. That could be due to the confusion in the marketplace. It seems some retailers are offering it with 154cm, and some with cpm154. Were there models made with both steels?

Cheers! :)
Yes it is pretty confusing. TAD Gear still list ZT-200 as CPM 154CM - it is actually 154CM...

Thanks, Vassili
Thanks for the advice. I ended up getting an Offset instead and i like it alot.
It's bigger than the spec bump but it fits my hand good and it realy snaps open.The Spec bump had a grippier feel but I'm very happy with my new knife and maybe if I get lucky I'll find my other one too