Jan 19, 1999
It's my birthday and my assistant gave me a Spec Plus 10" Tanto. I love this knife! It has a nice utilitarian finish on it and it came shaving sharp! The grip is comfortable and the overall quality seems very good. For the price, is there any other fixed blade out there that can compare? Have I been wrong in thinking that you have to spend a lot of money to receive a good using knife? Now I'm wanting some more of their products. Anyone have experiences with Spec Plus?


I have the Marine Raider Bowie and it's a real work horse of a knife. For the money you can't beat the Ontario Spec line.The beauty of them is you can really use them hard figuring that for the small cost you can replace them but they keep right on cutting instead.
Ontario used to be really bad for using cheap steel(bent in a heartbeat) and having REALLY bad grind lines, but I've been watching their product line for awhile and they're starting to come around.
If you just want something utilitarian and inexpensive that you can throw in a tool box and not worry about too mmuch, I think they're probably a pretty good bet.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Canis -- belated greetings on your birthday! I hope you enjoy your SpecPlus, and keep us posted on your use of it, ok? For its price, I'm interested in buying one in the future.
Agree the Spec Plus line knives are a great buy for the money.

I have a Bolo and the quality of both the knife and the unique sheath (swivels on a ring out of the way when you sit down) defy the price.

The 1095 steel is tried and true.

The bolo is a pretty good chopper, even though it is fairly light and thin. The full flat ground blade really goes through any thin vegatation, but does tend to stick when chopping trees over an inch thick or so.

The Fighter looks like a good one too.
The very first fixed blade I have ever purchased was an Ontario Spec Plus knife. To this day, when I need a cheap, disposable, working knife for tests or abuses, I always turn to my Spec Plus knives. They really aren't that bad for low-end knives.
I used my new spec plus last night for getting rid of some weeds and pruning back some branches. Worked like a charm, still has a shaving sharp edge, and best of all I didn't worry about nicking it up (which
I didn't anyway) Love the knife!