I am thinking of ordering a knife from SPEC PLUS. Any thoughts?
Pros or Cons.
What kind of steel are they made of?
What kind of handle matterials are used?

They look like decent field knives...
They look about the same as or better than the GLOCK Field knife.

I want a Light Saber.

To the best of my knowledge all the spec-plus knives are made from 1095 high carbon except for their dive knife. The handles are all Kraton rubber. They make great beater knives. The stock is between 3/16 and 1/4 in.
They can be kinda wavy on this, especially with some of the tantos ive seen. They are very good knives for the price(not much more than a buck but much tougher).One problem however is that i find the blade geometry to be a bit thick for my tastes.

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Sweet, I like heavier blades on my field knives... better for wacking branches for fire building!

Thanks for the input!

I want a Light Saber.

Can anyone give me better pricing on the 14 inch Tanto than what they have at ABC Direct?

I want a Light Saber.

The Spec Plus line from Ontario has had good optimal performance, but very poor quality control. I have had 6 and 4 showed failure too early.

Geez.. i hope a chunk didnt fall outta one

Seriously though, how did it fail?? They arent supposed to be more that about 56RC, so they shouldnt break, even if it varies by a few points they should still be pretty tough. Did the knives bend or break??

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Hmph! a Jedi desires not these things.

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I like my Spec-Plus Survival Bowie. I use it for general camping-type utility, firewood gathering, brush clearing and other things. My initial impression of it was posted here:


I've heard reports that under very hard use, they can suffer edge chipping.

Cliff Stamp probably has the most comprehensive testing documentation around. Best price I've seen in a catalog is at Cheaper Than Dirt ($35 plus $10 shipping.) How does that compare to ABCDirect?

yoda4561, for full details :


Not Spec Plus but also from Ontario:



The Bolo losts its thin tip under a light lateral strain, and its handle bent under a moderate load. The blade then broke under a heavy load. The Survival's blade cracked under a light load. The Marine Raider and khukuri were uneffected. Both machetes could not handle hard woods with small cross sections.

Well, it looks like these are the knives you want to roughhouse with.

And the prices reflect that as well.

I want a Light Saber.

Thanks for the info on the machetes. I was thinking of getting one because i figured the heavy(relative) blade compared to my tramontinas would be better for trimming some of our orange trees. I think ill stick to my $5 tramontimas. 5160, decently sharp, impossible to break under any normal circumstances. When i was younger i tried to cut through concrete with it... blunted the edge, you can flex the blade well past 90 degrees to.