Special order for Harry. Now that's a YCS!

Mar 5, 1999
Well, here it is Harry. 30 inches and 4.4 pounds of excellence by Sanu. Silver mounted, blade fully and excellently engraved. It's flying today along with the hasiya for mom.


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Bill-can you tell us a bit about the engraving on the blade or maybe bring up a picture? What a beauty.
Harry really needs to find another hobby than coming up with ways to make us all envious. :D
The Nepali shipping staff has it packed and I don't have a closeup of the engraving. As I remember it seemed pretty standard stuff but better done than usual. Sanu did the hasiya, too, and the inlay on it is better than we see on most khukuris and it is alternate copper and brass.

Because he's been with us for quite a spell, ordered a lot of knives and also sent his pix over the folks at BirGorkha know Harry and the standard practice is if you are known you tend to get quicker service and a better rig than normal.
Saw this yesterday. It is what you would expect of Sanu's best done for a repeated customer.

Harry, you are just lucky no-one at Nepali customs remembered the new King needed a khuk to fit his new rank. Otherwise, you'd be getting a call from Uncle Bill that your order had been confiscated, and the only time you'd see it would be in pictures at affairs of state or sitting on the throne in the king's absence.

Oh, yes. Regarding Uncle Bill's honor, the hasiya was what I was referring to as having snatched something with your name on it out from under you. Every one of the hasiyas came with a note taped to it's handle "For mother of Harry". Uncle picked out the best one for you first.

I love telling tall tales that are absolutely true.
" Every one of the hasiyas came with a note taped to it's handle "For mother of Harry". Uncle picked out the best one for you first."

Maybe thats one of the reasons we all love doing business with HI so much... You get the feeling your actually PART of a wonderful family of knife nuts :)
Yvsa, let Harry have it.

Remember what happened to Terry's leg from a falling khuk?

Think of what a 4.5 pound one could do after YOU finished sharpening it to full body shiver condition. And you know you'd keep it wiped down with slippery stuff to prevent rust.

Be glad it went to Harry, and let them start calling HIM peg-leg.
It looks like Sanu scaled it up pretty well. Any idea what the diameter of the handle is?

I know I've mentioned it before, but has the supply of horn decreased quite drastically ?

I mean, when I first saw HI, I thought it was really cool that a material as nice as WB horn was standard on all khuks, but I am assuming that things in supply have changed, because almost every new khuk I see has a wood handle...Unc, is wood becoming the new "standard" handle material? not that I mind, the wood used is quite nice, but I'm curious if buff horn is becoming more of a special order thing since I've seen it so rarely in the last 4 or 5 months.

Gelbu has to buy the horn in Calcutta. He was getting ready to go when the royal family got murdered and hasn't been able to make it yet. We can get a limited supply of horn in Nepal but need to get down to India and buy some quantity.

And, since BirGorkha began introducing various types of wood for handles and scabbards, wood has become increasingly popular and now is favored above horn. It is very hard to turn down a nice handle of hill walnut, for example, in favor of black horn.
UnBelievable!...:D:D..Can't wait to check this babe out in the flesh....:D:D

As a preliminary assessment, this exceeds what I expected!

More later once I've had a chance to thoroughly assess this janawar katne....

Pardon me while I clean the keyboard and monitor....;):D:D:D