Specific questions for Wegner owners...

Jul 31, 2000
Actually, I've been meaning to ask to all Wegner owners, since I am seriously considering to purchase this knife:

1) How is the tip of the Wegner?
Is it too fine a tip, as fine as, say, the Military's tip? Or is it more "robust", such as the Starmate's, and if so, does it look to be stronger than the Starmate's?

2) Does it look like the tip would break easily if one were to stab semi-tough things with it? (I'm not referring to car doors).

3) Does the ATS-34 blade hold up well for light chopping of wood and other similar hard materials, and does the blade have good corrosion resistance?

4) Overall, would you characterize it as better overall than the Military or Starmate for handling "hard-use" tasks?



I think the Wegner is a "sleeper" tactical knife. The tip is definitely thicker than that of the Military. I can't compare it to the Starmate, as i don't have one. The Wegner filled my needs.

The ATS-34 takes and holds a good edge and I have not had any problem with corrosion, even though I have horribly acidic perspiration. A little maintenance goes a long way with this knife.

I really like the fact that this knife does not rely upon a stop pin, but rather a large solid steel backspacer. It is incredibly strong. I have only split some light kindling with the blade, no hard chopping - I have a hatchet for that. It has held up very well thus far and resharpens easily.

The Wegner has become my primary daily carry knife and I rely upon it for almost all of my knife related tasks. Its backup blade is its sibling, the Wegner Jr. Those two knives have replaced my Military.

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1) I'd say that it is at least as robust as starmates - a bit more robust maybe (My wenger is at home and I'm at work so I can't compare). Material 440V vs ATS-34 in used hardness has also something to say about the real durability.

2) No - if you mean hardwood etc.

3)I haven't copped with it - my coppers are fixed.
ATS isn't the top SS in corrosion resistance (heat treat means) but at least Spyderco hasn't beadblasted it. Beadblasted ats-34 blades rust considerably faster than other finishes do.

4) I have the feeling that it may take a bit more punish than Starmate but I like Starmates ergonomics better - Wenger is too bananalike to offer me good grip in my hard duty chores.

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The tip is plenty strong for most uses one can expect of any folding knife. It's grind and ample belly make it a much better all-around user than the military. The Starmate gives it a run for its money, but principally because of the better handle ergonomics. However,CPM440v is a slightly more brittle alloy. If you are looking for a good woods-use production folder, the Wegner wins, hands down. Take it from one who owns all three knives mentioned, plus a custom Bogus./Wegner

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