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Speed safe


Oct 6, 2006
My brother allways likes to have alittle knife on him but he's not really a knife guy, like he doesn't come here or anything, just allways has a pocket knife.I'm trying to teach him. I got him a Kershaw Scallion from wally world for Christmas. He's never used an assisted opener before. It's a black Scallion. I put some black paracord through the lanyard and tied a Chris Reeve coil knot and put a silver or pewter skull bead on it. So it's a pretty awesome looking knife with all that and the speed safe action like a switchblade, He'll say.Super sharp Great ergos for a small knife. Especially since he only gets crappy flea-market junk. But he lives in N.J. and I heard the laws there are pretty strict. Do you think a Speed Safe scallion would be a problem? I got the scallion because the handle felt big enough to really grip but the blade was still only 2.3.SO even with the speed safe it's a really small knife. I don't think a cop would look at it like that. Not like a Blur or a whirl Wind or Boa. If so I also got myself the s30v native for back-up for my Super CQC-7. I could send him that and keep the Scallion instead. What do you guys think?
He should be OK with the Scallion or the Native, as long as he doesn't wave them around too wildly. The Native is better for real work and the Scallion looks better, especially the way you dressed it up. :)
I'm not familiar with NJ laws but it probably doesn't help matters that the knife is assisted opening, has a black handle, a black blade, has black 550 cord on it, and has silver skulls dangling from it. If your bro whips it out and plays with it in public that should cause some trouble in most states.

I have a Scallion but went with ultra friendly blue handle color. ;) It's a great little knife.
it's so damn small though.Under 2.5. Maybe I should just send him the Native. Or send him the scallion but warn him. I don't want to send him something to then have him charged with a felony.
I'm also not worried about him waveing it around in public, He's not retarded. I'm more worried about getting searched for no reason while being pulled over,or at the Nazi security check-points. But I really think nomatter what the knife looks like under 2.5 is so small. But I can't seem to get any strait answers anywhere.
killerskill, that little knife is legal in NJ.

The police are not a great authority on knife legality, though. It's not really a major problem for them, so they don't spend time studying the fine points.

(If some punk cuts someone, the action is illegal in itself, and the knife or broken glass or sharpened screwdriver he used is secondary.)