Speed-Tech experience

Jan 13, 1999
Just came home from an impromptu stop by at Speed-Tech's factory. What the heck, it was on the way. Since the knives are not available in cutlery shops, there's no way to handle one unless I visit in person.

I like them knives!

They didn't have a show room, so an employee took the trouble to get a few samples for me. (If you're reading this, I appreciate it!)

Fit and finish is excellent. Action is very smooth. And that handle form-fits my hand real well. All together, it sort of felt like a folding version of the Spyderco Moran. I also got to see the clip as Speed-Tech never show that side of their knives on their ads. My impression was that this is the best clip I have seen so far on a factory knife. Very solid yet elegant.

The handle is the star of these knives. There are actually more colors and designs than they let on. Speed-Tech is like the dress version of Microtech. It's something you can wear with a suit and not worry about scaring old ladies. Personally, I think the next logical step is to go for a damascus blade.

Time for me to save up the pennies again.
Saw those knives at the Blade Show. Very nice indeed. If I had had the money I would have bought one. The thing I'm wondering is if the clip can be put on the other end. If you go by the factory again, maybe you can ask them for me.

Mr. Goat-

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We always enjoy meeting other knife people. I apologize that I was not in the plant today to give you a personal showing of our products myself. I take it that the person who you dealt with (I'm assuming it was Doug B.) took good care of you.

Yes, we do have some other handle colors that are not up on the website (yet). We are always experimenting with different colors trying to find another hot combination.

Regarding damascus blades, you hit the nail on the head. We are currently in the middle of building a run of 18 knives with Elishewitz handground Damasteel blades in 6Al-4V titanium handles. The difficult part is hogging the handles out of a single piece of Ti, which has horrendous machinibility.
We had a few protos at the BLADE Show, and they looked AWESOME.

Mr. Blades-

Like all other knife mfgrs., we had to make a decision on clip direction. We chose tip down for a variety of reasons, all of which you are familiar with, I'm sure. Unfortunately, the clip direction can't be reversed on the present design. We do however, offer a clipless version.

In the VERY near future, the interactive "Build Your Own Knife" section of our website will be completed. Here you will have the opportunity to custom configure your knife from a menu of options such as handle color & material, blade style & finish, extra machined details, special nomenclature, etc.

Thanks again for all of your interest and support.

Stay sharp!


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)
1999-2000 BLADE Magazine "Most Innovative American Design"

Hello Jim,

Yes a damascus blade on one of those funky handles would be drool worthy. You've got to post a pic when you get the chance.

The employee that took care of me is a girl with blonde hair and had braces. I can't remember her name just now. She just happened to be in the lobby at the time. Boy did I unload a lot of questions her way. But she did a good job answering them.

A thought on your nylon sheaths. I think it is too conventional, too "tactical". The Synergies I saw were robust and functional art pieces, not special forces fighting knives. I can't see myself hiding them in a black nylon pouch. It should be a beautiful and eye catching pouch that can be proudly worn in the open. "Yes mam, that is my knife. Would you like to see it?"

I don't know what it should be made out of. Perhaps leather? Burgundy, blue, brown? Lots of choices.

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That was Kristin, who oversees the production of our parts. She's not a knife person per se, but she's rapidly turning into one. Glad she was able to help you out.

Thanks for the great idea on the sheaths, we'll look into it as a future product.

Stay sharp!


Jim O'Young
Home of the Speed Tech "SYNERGY" (tm)
1999-2000 BLADE Magazine "Most Innovative American Design"

Hello All,

The SpeedTech is truly a knife to
behold. The fit, finish, design and FEEL of this knife must be experienced in person. The person behind the company (JIM) is knolagible on knife building and very inventive.
The lock up of this knife is the most solid of any I have owned. I have had a lot of kives and have not been able to live with them. This is a knife that I want to live with.
I hope you can experence one for your self. I purchased 2 knives and not for the color or the cosmetics. The knife is SOLID>>