Speed-Tech Knives: Blade Thickness

Dec 18, 1998
In their advertisement, Speed-Tech states the thickness of Synergy's blade is .14". 7/50th of an inch?

Just from looking at the pictures, my general impressions were that the knife was relatively stout in all respects. Apparently this is not the case. The knife really isn't a tactical model at all - but a very futuristic, classy, utility folder. I would like to get my hands on one in the near future.
Whoa! You're claiming that ~1/7" thick isn't stout on a folder? 1/8" is generally considered thick and stout on folders from what I can see. Many knives people think of as strong -- AFCK, Carnivour, Axis, Endura, etc. -- are less than 1/8"!

I'd say 1/7" is seriously thick, to the point where I'd worry about edge geometry being too thick.

Id say its a pretty good compromise, if its hollow ground. That thickness puts it right in between a Spyderco Military and an AFCK, 5/32 and 1/8 respectively. If its saber ground however i would agree with Joe.
You know what guys?... I've been doing so much research on fixed blades lately that my mind has become cluttered. I was using .25 in. as a comparison!

Thanks Joe for the eye opener!