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Apr 9, 2000
Does any one know where to find any info on the speed tech knife synergy, i read an article on it in combat knives and really liked what they had to say about it. but i can't find one dang site on the net for or even related to it also does any body have one? how do you like it ,is it worth the money, hows the performance,ect...??
Adam, I have a Synergy (Nandina) and I can't stop raving about it. It's one of the best, high-quality folders I own. I have trouble each day deciding whether to carry the Synergy or my Sebenza -- it's that good. If you have the cash to spend on a high-quality folder that;s also a work horse and can be used and not just admired I would highly recommend a Synergy.

Worth every penny, Adam. It'll ruin you for "regular" knives.

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It just begged to be used, and once you finish using this work horse, just sit back and enjoy looking at it

Go for it dude!

You'll also find that Jim O'Young is a great guy to deal with!

Don't forget to tell us what options did you pick.


BTW I TOTALLY love my swept blade Nandina handle Synergy.

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