Speed-Tech Synergy

Jul 14, 1999
I've been looking at the Synergy at the Speed-Tech site and i have to say i think it is a very good looking knife. Does anyone own one of these, and if so are they really as good as they look ?

Also do you know of any good dealers over the internet that stock the Synergy and also ship to the UK ?

Better get saving.

Yes I do own two Synergy's from Speed-Tech.
I thought long and hard before I purchased.

I have had the knives for over a month and
I must tell you they are the best designed
and well built knives I own. They are solid
well made and no blade play at all.

If you like fine knives, you will be very pleased with your purchase..

BTW I own Microtech, benchmade and others that I have compaired the Synergy too..

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