speedtech knives

Great knives.

One piece CNC milled sculptured beauty- a handle that's comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Smoothly flowing textures and ergonomic design...

Stonewashed finish ATS-34 blade that takes and holds edges, and cuts like a dream. Action is as precise as a Swiss watch, no wobble or blade play, with sweet double thumbstuds.

Even comes with a multi position sheath if you don't want to risk using the spoon shaped pocket clip (or don't want to risk the finish on this beauty).

I love my SpeedTech. It's definately on my Best Buy list.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Wolverine, I completely agree with Spark on this. My Synergy is a beauty. I bought mine at the Blade Show in June. The edge is sharp as hell and the handle is super comfy. If you have any type of problem with it Jim will always help. I call him about the lock and he called me back the next day. I sent him the knife and a few days later he called me back and explained to me that I have added too much lubricants to it. He took the knife completely apart and cleaned it. Then tested it again. I am tell you this is a man that stands behind his product. It's a great knife.

Great knives, you just don't want to put them down. One of my favorites, and Jim is great to deal with.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

SpeedTech is the best. The only knife I carry! Holds an edge and is one solid knife. You can not go wrong with a purchase from Jim. The knife will speek for its self.

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I think you will find SpeedTech to be an excellant knife. I carry mine every day. Great balance and a good company to do business with. I echo the high remarks given by others.
I just got a SpeedTech a few days ago.It has a swept Elishewitz ground blade
#9 out of 25.I was pleasently surprised.I did'nt think aluminium could feel that good.I got the nandina color handle.Even though it feels very smooth,there's no problem with the grip.I'ts contured perfect and it has small file work at the the front and the back of the scales.The persian style
blade was as sharp as I've seen out of the box.The tolorences on this knife is right up
there with C.R.K. and MicroTech.The opening
of the blade is as smooth as I've felt.The
button style lock is solid,and you can hear that reassuring "click" when opening and closing.I was surprised when the instruction
paper said do not lubricate the lock.I wrote
to Jim and he told me If the lock ever got dust or dirt use an aerosol break cleaner.I guess this is compressed air?I dont think there's much of a chance of accidental closure,the button is'nt recessed but the handle sort of forms a "lip" around the button.The clip rides high on the pivot side
and keeps the knife in the pocket well.All in
all I'm very pleased with this knife.
Thanks a lot for the replies. I saw their web page and the knife looks awesome, I just wanted some inputs from other bladeforum members. I think I will order one very soon.