SpeedTech or TiNives

Mar 17, 2000
I've only seen a few posts about either of these knife companies products in the past year. I was able to play with the Ti Knife line at Blade Show West and if I had the $$ I would have came home with one or another Sebenza. I've never seen or handled a SpeedTech knife.
Does anyone own and use either or both?
How well do they handle?
How well does the button lock work / holdup?
Would you buy another one?
Thank You in advance for your input.
I haven't handled a recent vintage Ti, but what I've heard has been positive. I do have, and have carried a SpeedTech, and it's smooth, solid, and all around excellent. The button lock is very secure. It's an obscene amount of precision engineered knife for the price. If the circumstances and my mood were right, I'd definitely buy another.
I have to agree with Brian. My SpeedTech Synergy is one of the most well-built knives I own. I put it right up there with my Microtechs and Sebenza. The Synergy is also a very "cool" looking knife. I have the Nandina pattern, which I really think is nice looking and a nice departure from traditional black.

I've had both ~ SpeedTech Nadina & TiNives large Tactical Hybrid (with a high polished blade). Very very nice knives to say the least!

~ Extremely well made and super sharp.

~ Fit and finish = superb.

~ They tend to be blade heavy (which I liked alot) due to the aluminum handles.

~ The Ti had the Larry Chew needle roller thrust bearing pivot system which rocked! I've never handled a knife that has a smoother opening/closing action (Darrel Ralph's manuals are pretty damn close!).....

If I could only buy one........Man......very hard decision!

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Ti Nives. Scott Self, Owner. Don't go anywhere else for this 3D styled type of knife, he's hands down the best.

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i also have owned both. several speedtechs have passed through my hands, and one tinives[ the one gigone had after garyz got it from him!] both knives are unbelievable, but i have to say the tinives was the smoothest opening production i have ever handled.the 154 cm of both blades performed as they should.quite well.

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You guys have got me curious about Ti Nives, I've never seen one, or even heard of them until now. Does Ti Nives have a website? Or can anyone post a pic?

I have a Speed Tech (red handle KC Chiefs fan) and I've got to say very few knives fit my hand the way this one does. Even the clip is designed to be part of your grip on the knife. It's the little things that put you above the rest. C.