Speedtech Synergy = Hard use?


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Feb 7, 1999
The Synergy has been out for a while now, and my question is this:

Has anyone used their Synergy as an everyday knife?

I am not talking about carrying it in your pocket for show, I am talking about using it for all around heavy duty, use and abuse purposes.

How does it stand up to hard use, edge holding ability, lock performance, ergonomics while in use, etc.

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HI Jailhack, I carry a SpeedTech Synergy daily for cutting boxes, some light wood and even used it to open a hole in sheet rock!
Don't tell Jim.. It will hold its edge very well and with a little touch up its
sharp. I try to keep it hair popping with just a little tooth. Have been carrying and working with this knife for the last 6 mo. I see no reason to STOP any time soon. The knife moulds into your hand and stays put.
I also trust this type of lock more than any others. This does not require any break in. Its just one solid built quality knife!!

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I'll second what Netcruiser said. I purchased a Synergy IPO at Blade this year and it has been in the daily rotation since. I have cut all kinds of things with it and even done some fairly hard prying and it has performed beautifully. The knife is the proverbial tank. Do not fear using this one hard!