Speedtech Synergy, perfect FS


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May 26, 1999
This was the best looking of the knives IMHO and those of you who know the knife know the blade.

It has just been setting there along with a heavily used cousin. SOLD


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man, that's nice knife! do you know what that formula on the clip side of the blade is? thanks jack :)
Sorry, the formula is number 48 of 79 made, 6-99 is the date.

I forgot what IPO stands for. Mr Branton will know. I'll check when I return from jolly old England
IPO stands for inital public offering.
They were some of the very first Speed Techs produced. The blades were hand ground by Allen Eliishewitz. Hope this helps.

Bobby & fracmeister are correct.

As Speedtech's introduction into the market, they produced and released 74 "Synergy's" at the 1999 Blade Show. In the parcel of 74, "X" number were "modified tanto's" and "X" number were in an "upswept" blade style (I don't remember what the split was).

It's a shame that these, Speedtech Synergy's, aren't made anymore ! :(
There are two reasons you don't see many of these babies for sale.

One is that they aren't produced any longer and never were many of them.

The second is that Senor Branton owns them all. ;)
Jim O'Young is a good friend of mine.(designer and manufacturer of SpeedTech)Tried to talk him into doing an auto.WHOA.No way.
The guy is really bright.
Tough market $250.00-$350.00 production knife.When they were in production.
Imo the best knife for the buck you could get.Never wear them out.Never
Jim O'Young is a great guy !

You're right Randy. . . .superb knives that were built like a tank !

In fact, I'd love to get my hands one with a black or pewter handle. :D
GigOne said:
Jim O'Young is a great guy !

You're right

Jim is a great guy. If it were not for the holidays, I would have tried to buy that one. Let me know if you ever want to sell it.