Speedtech Synergy

I recently recieved a Synergy Slim through a great deal with another BFC member (thanks, Larry!). Enough has been said about the wonderful "fit and finish" of the Synergy that I won't go back over it now. Suffice it to say that Speedtech produces a phenominal product. As much as I like this knife (and that's a lot!) there are a couple of things I would do to make it even better. First off, while the sides of the handle are textured, the top and bottom are not. I would continue the texture all the way around the handle. I would also make the texture a little "grippier". I've read some posts where folks talk about the Synergy being kind of slippery in-hand, and while it's not too awful bad it could be improved upon. Speedtech once offered a "textured" handle as an option, I think this needs to be offered again. The textured thumbstud which is now standard is great. I love it. I have the swept point blade, and "British Racing green" handle, which is very good looking. All in all, this is an impressive knife. The ultra high tech manufacturing processes are evidenced by the outstanding tolerances the Synergy exhibits. Jim and co. should be very proud of this offering. Of course, now I need a standard handle model with the tanto blade, and it will probably have one of the camo handles, although I still love good old black. (sigh) So many knives, so little time.
Neil, assuming I make it to Atlanta (I'm going to try!!!) I will be carrying the Synergy. I'll also be carrying one or two of your knives (not sure which ones yet
), a Griffith or two, and anything else I can fit in. Hope there's no metal detectors around me!