Oct 27, 1998
Just wondering how you owners of the Speedtech Synergy are enjoying your knives? I got a chance to meet the crew and handle the award winning knife at the BladeShow...and I must say I was more impressed with the crew. Don't mean to beat the knife up...but what is so special about it? I'd really like to know..did I miss something? I'll be honest, perhaps I don't have a trained eye, but the Synergy did not impress me at all. It was large, not especially easy to open, and came in obnoxious colors. I'll give it a second change if given a reason...let me know!

I enjoy my number 66 of 74 "IPO" Synergy very much.

What impresses me the most is it's quality and precision. As a person with mechanical engineering background, I still can't figure out their manufacturing processes.

My only concern is that with the all curving profile, the character of Synergy seems to be a little bit too "soft" or "smooth".

I will certainly keep an eye on Speedtech's future productions. Since they just started and doesn't have many products yet, maybe it's the right time to start my Speedtech collection. Ummm....

I purchased a synergy IPO at the Bladeshow and love this knife. What is unique about it is the one piece handle design. This imparts huge strength to the knife.

Think about it...The weakest link of a folder is the pivot. If used for prying that is where the handle will seperate and I have sheared the screws that hold folders together. The handle of the Synergy is one piece....NOT dependant on the screws or pivot to hold it together. With the very tight tolerances on this knife, you could remove the pivot screw entirely and still exert huge forces laterally on the blade because the one piece handle rigidly supports it. There is also ZERO flex in the aluminum handle.
On top of that this knife is very ergonomic overall. The handle is comfortable with swells to fit the palm and no sharp edges. It doesn't feel "flat" in your hand like a MT. It's handle swells impart a more natural feeling. Also because of its thin profile and round contours it is very comfortable to carry. Some knives you are always conscious of because they just seem to poke you in some way. Not the Synergy. It sits very low with its high mounted clip and when carried in the waistband it is forgotten until you need it because it never pokes or prods you.
Lastly the action is VERY smooth and all tolerances are on par with the best.(MT of course!) The button lock is stronger than any liner lock and combined with the smooth action allows you to flip the knife open AND closed, making this knife very fast to deploy and replace. And in case you were wondering lockup is like a vault. Also isn't it nice for a change to be able to get a decent knife in colors? I purchased one in pewter which is about the same color as denim and helps this knife conceal better than all those "tactical" (READ: Boring) black handled knives.

Sorry to go on so long but if you bypassed the Synergy I think you should give it a closer look. Out of 16 knives I purchased at Blade it is the only one I have carried every day since. In fact, I ordered a second and eaerly await Speedtech's future offerings.

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biginboca and dragon,
Thankyou for your opinions. I think I will have a second look at the Synergy when I have the chance! I did overlook the fact that the handle was machined from a single piece of aluminum,..what you said makes alot of sense. Maybe I was a little hard on Speedtech, after all they are a new company and should be given some leeway. And besides with all the bad press MT is getting on their prices Speedtech's timing couldn't be better.
I'm a bit less enthusiastic about this one-piece aluminum handle, though we'll see how it holds up in reviews. You see, aluminum can pein or deform fairly easily, especially when not cold-forged or pressure-cast. That means that over its lifetime this knife may build up more and more play as any large force on the pivot could cause deformation. In short, it might be virtually unbreakable but build up more and more imprecise fitting over time. There is no way to examine or repair such a setup because it can't be "opened up." Even cleaning seems difficult. I think the "one-piece" knife handle is a great concept but would rather see it in stainless or Ti.

Still a fantastically cool knife, and I eagerly await seeing how they perform.


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Anybody compare it to a Ti knives knife? I believe they used to make handles for ti knives.I got a ti knives piece at the blade show and am very happy with it.
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